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Leslie Crutchfield and Heather McLeod Grant are frequently invited to speak to, consult with, and advise nonprofit and philanthropic leaders on expanding impact. Since Forces for Good originally published in 2007, they have each joined with nonprofit strategy consulting firms—Leslie with FSG and Heather with Monitor Institute and work with nonprofit, business, government and philanthropic clients on strategy, evaluation and research projects. They frequently travel across the U.S. and Canada to present about their research findings in Forces for Good; a listing of recent and past events are included below. To inquire with one or both authors about their availability to present at your event, please contact them directly.

The authors are available for the following opportunities designed to help individuals and organizations learn how to increase their impact:

  • Speaking: The authors frequently speak to audiences of all sizes about their research and findings, tailoring their presentation to specific audience interest and the desired outcomes of the event.
  • Workshops: Interactive sessions for large or diverse groups that include in-depth coverage of research findings grounded in case-based examples, interspersed with break-out learning groups and discussion.
  • Customized Training Sessions: Half-day or full-day sessions tailored to specific participant needs that will help them apply the six practices to their particular situations, with ample time for one-on-one feedback and facilitated peer learning.
  • Individualized Consulting: The authors are both experienced consultants who advise a wide range of nonprofit, philanthropic, and corporate clients on issues ranging from program design and development, to strategic planning and organizational development.

Some examples of their efforts to help practitioners increase their impact include:

  • Foundation-Sponsored Nonprofit Workshops: The authors conduct half-and full-day workshops for groups of nonprofits executives and board members. Recent events include trainings for Tow Foundation juvenile justice grantees in Connecticut, Deaconess Foundation capacity-building program grantees in St. Louis, Flamboyan Foundation partners in education reform in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and Packard Foundation partners in seafood sustainability working globally.
  • Individual and Family Donor Trainings and Presentations: The authors advise select groups of high net worth individuals and family foundation stakeholders on how to maximize the impact of their charitable donations. Recent engagements include a private donor retreat hosted by the Aspen Institute's Philanthropy and Social Innovation Program at Aspen's Wye River facility in Virgina, a donor training hosted by Global Philanthropy Forum in Napa Valley, and a presentation at the New England Family Philanthropy Conference in Connecticut.
  • Regional and National Nonprofit Management Workshops: Regional and national centers of nonprofit management often invite the authors to train nonprofit and foundation executives based in their local communities. Recent event hosts include CompassPoint in California's Bay Area, Imagine Canada in Toronto, Leadership Ventures in Indianapolis, Especially for Nonprofits in Richmond, Missouri State Univeristy's Go Lead Program in Springfield, Greater Northern Pennsylvania Collaborative in Landsdale, PA, and University of Connecticut's annual Nonprofit Symposium.
  • Corporate Trainings: Corporate foundations host Forces for Good trainings for nonprofit leaders, often in partnership with local nonprofit management support centers. Recent engagements include Bank of America's Neighborhood Excellence Leadership Program annual event with Development Training Institute, a forum for corporate foundations leaders hosted by Wachovia in Richmond, VA, and a presentation for Family Office Managers in West Palm Beach, Fl.
  • Board and Staff Retreats: The authors are often invited to facilitate a retreat segment for boards of directors and strategic staff gatherings. Recent board and staff presentations hosts include CARE International, National Council on Aging, and the Surdna Foundation of New York.
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